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Tech Magic Services

Do you have a mess of cables, wires, and equipment in need of organization?

If so, you need Tech Magic, the cabling, equipment and connectivity cleanup experts. We can help you declutter your home or office as we service both residential and business customers. While our focus is on organization and clean up, we do new installations as well as adds, moves, and changes.

Tech Magic is your go to company for all your network projects, including but not limited to cabling and interconnection of routers, firewalls, switches, phones, wireless access points, security cameras, gate controllers, door boxes, paging systems, temperature monitoring systems and more.                                                  


Tech Magic, where expertise meets efficiency in the world of telecom and network infrastructure. 

Our mission is to transform tangled messes of wires and equipment into streamlined, functional, and easily manageable setups. 

A well organized, labeled and catalogued network installation translates to simpler, quicker troubleshooting and reduced downtime.

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